We all experience stress in our lives, especially here at college. Inspired by an increasing awareness of mental health and a desire to bring students innovative coping and anti-anxiety methods, we decided to make MindPalace, a Virtual Reality world that brings together popular ways of de-stressing - immersion into happy thoughts, guided meditation, and gentle, desk-accessible yoga.

When a user enters the mind palace, they have the option to engage themselves in the three different modules. The first is a positive memory room, where the user can select photos (or videos!) from a file system and deploy them into floating bubbles, which hover around the room and collectively surround the user (reaching out and grabbing any of these orbed memories allows the user to view it in larger detail).

The second module is a meditation module, where the user is brought to a first-person calm environment and can listen to guided meditations on positivity and deep breathing. These sessions are well known for promoting focus in the moment, and provide the user with an immersive getaway into nature.

The last module is a light exercise/yoga module, where users are guided (by their left and right VIVE controllers) into different positions, stretching out their upper body. Stretching, especially for those who have sedentary jobs, is important in keeping an active and fresh mind, and can help clear worries or anxieties.

These features involve all working with VIVE and VIVE controllers to interact with our environment. Challenges we faced included getting the VIVE controllers to work with features we had in unity (such as colliding with buttons in 3D space) and figuring out intuitive and clean UI for a virtual reality app.

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