Motivated by our love for "The Mind" card game, our team set out to share this experience with others by creating a mobile web application that will allow everyone to play (for free).

What it does

Following the rules of the game, the main objective is to work together with 3 other players and place your cards in ascending order, without directly communicating. The main feature that we wanted to implement was a way to graphically show how "confident" each player is in playing their next card.

How we built it

We built Mind Merge using Flutter/Dart for the front-end UI, and node.js for the backend. We used Heroku as a hosting service.

Challenges we ran into

We decided to use Flutter and Dart as an opportunity to learn new technologies. While this was a great learning experience, there were a few challenges that came with having to learn a new language in such a short time span. We were initially unfamiliar with the syntax, and how Widgets fit into the classes and the layout of the page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of implementing both the front end and back end of a mobile web application in such a short period of time, using a completely new language.

What we learned

Flutter and Dart are extremely powerful tools in developing mobile web apps, however there is an initial learning curve with using Widgets.

What's next for Mind Merge

We hope to clean up some of the front end UI, and refactor the code to iron out any bugs that we may have missed. There were also a couple of features that we did not get to implementing such as the throwing star cards, which we would love to include to make the game as close to the original as possible.


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