The inspiration behind what we have built is to make people aware of mental health, its importance, and how common the disease it, and to help them cure their mental health issues. The website comes under the health track.

What it does

We have built a website which shows you the relevant data related to mental health, and where you can get suggestions and support from the team and others to fight you mental issues. We also have a special Mind Friend Zone where you can just relax a bit and get suggestions.

How we built it

We have used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the website designing, we have also used a bit of Bootstrap and the Font Awesome library to get some icons.

Challenges we ran into

For many of our team-mates, it is their very first hackathon, so it was a new experience to collaborate and work on a team together. Combining the project pieces by pieces was a big challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all are very excited and proud of the things we've achieved during this hackathon. We have learned some parts of website designing about which we are not familiar about earlier, we learned to collaborate on an open source project on GitHub together and most of all, we explored the great parts of an Hackathon.

What we learned

As stated above, we have learned Bootstrap, font-awesome library to work with, we learned to collaborate, and we learned to make a team together and how to work together to achieve great big things.

What's next for Mind friend

What we have presented is just a very small website, by adding much more parts in various section of the website, we can make the website much more interactive and develop a strong back-end too. We can even add games to make people much more active, we can add music and much more.

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