Our Inspiration was that whenever we see some event poster/banner we take an image but still we most of the time misses that event.So,We have come up with a artificial intelligent messenger bot MInd-e which will help you with your this problem. 'minde' in danish means to 'remind'

What it does

Mind-e is AI messenger bot which uses machine learning and image processing to extract data from images of posters and banners and automatically sets a reminder for your event.It pings you and also calls you when you are offline to remind you that you have an upcoming event.

How we built it

We built it on top of facebook's new messenger AI bots.We have our backend developed in django and used sqlite as a database.We have integrated webhook for directly controlling our Mind-e with our django app.We have used HPE's Haven On Demand's machine learning apis to get us up and running with image processing. We have used meaningcloud's text extraction API. we were planning to use exotel apis for giving reminders but we cant being cut short of time.we have used google's calender api to automatically give the notification when the event comes whenever you are offline!

Challenges we ran into

One of the major problem we ran into was using the image that came out of messenger had a very much messed up urls which were messing with all our used apis.then we shifted to some url shortening apis which were facing the same problems due to facebook's image params. Finally the google's url shortener worked!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have built our first AI bot and it's works awesome! It does image processing,it does text extraction, and also sets reminders on messenger as well as messages you on mobile when you are offline :)

What we learned

We learned how to integrate our backend app with the AI messenger bots and got to know about some of the coolest machine learning apis in the industry as well as set up a cloud telephony with exotel.

What's next for Mind-e

The next thing for Mind-e is to be platform independent and become a fully functional AI bot that makes your life easy with tasks like home automation,scheduling meetings,mails and calls,sense your mood, play some jokes with you and a whole lot of things :)

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