Mind Design Sports was born out of the idea to provide sports psychology content to a newer demographic, the youth! Mind-Design Sports is where you can learn about sport psychology, read our blogs, listen to our voice. Whether you’re part of a school team or just anyone interested in sport psychology Mind Design Sports makes it learn about how psychological performance affect performance, and provides a hub for you. Provides a platform for athletes to learn to elevate their performance through mental techniques. By students, for students! We built it using Swift and Objective C. Challenges we run into were not having an API available (due to being hosted on Squarespace and having limited budget) to use and thus creating an efficient web scraping algorithm! Some features of the app includes access to our blog posts, frequently-asked-questions, quick access to our podcasts, a quiz, motivation generator and a question of the day that is updated daily. We are proud of this proof-of-concept app being able to display the latest blog posts as well as the iOS widgets that are present that show the latest blog post. I learnt about how to persevere and how I can do more than I thought I can in limited time. Being approved by Apple in one night was quite the achievement too, as well as the numerous accessibility features that our app is compatible with, like voiceover. What's next for MDS is to create a chat platform where mentor and mentees can be paired!

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