We wanted to do something that would blow people away at LA Hacks. We think we have.

The beauty of technology is that crazy things are possible. Technology allows us to transcend our biology and become so called Gods. Doing an ordinary task like driving and making it jaw dropping is what we set out to do. Steering wheels are so last century, what if we could drive a car using our mind. Simple Question. Difficult challenge.

It was a journey, but we made it. So what did we do technically to achieve this madness. Firstly, we took the steering wheel apart from the car and 3D printed a gear and other components and attached it in place of the steering wheel. Next, we took the 3D printer apart and used the motor to turn the gear which would steer the car.

Furthermore, one has to train the Emotiv Epoc for about 15-20 mins for good performance. The signals from the EEG are linked with different "thoughts" like turn left, turn right etc. which are key binded to Gcode commands that move the motor which moves the gear which turns the car.

Yes, it's pretty insane.

One just has to watch it or try it. It's like magic. The feeling is indescribable.

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