There are many exercise skills out there, but everyone is associating fitness with just physical fitness. That's where we get into the picture. We understand the importance of physical fitness but, at the same time, also value fitness in the form of a person's knowledge. So we came with a game that combines both.

What it does

The game goes like this, we ask five questions based on the category chosen by the user. After the user is done answering these questions, we start a workout routine for the user to perform, the number of exercises in the workout routine is based on the user's score in the quiz. Once the user is done with the workout routine, he/she has the choice to either continue with the same category or choose a different category of questions, and the cycle continues. This makes the user physically fit, as well as increases the user's knowledge base. It also utilizes the break between different exercises and helps the user use that time to increase his/her knowledge base.

How I built it

I built it using Alexa Skill SDK and the backend of the skill using AWS Services.
Give it a try:
"Alexa, ask Intent Fitness to start my fitness journey"
"Alexa, open Intent Fitness"
"Alexa, launch Intent Fitness"

Challenges I ran into

Faced problems while making scripts of every exercise, but able to do it after a lot of testing and proper implementation. As of now, our exercise base and workout routines are quite limited.

What's next for Mind & Body

After this campaign is over, we plan to introduce premium content with an in-skill purchase feature. In the premium version, the skill will also support multiple user profiles. For each profile, we will track his height, weight, calories burnt, exercise performed, and quizzes played and modify our quizzes and workout sessions accordingly. We will also suggest the user, weekly plans for the best output. This is yet to achieve.

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