Mind-a-log is an app where mindfulness is combined with support and creativity. Mind-a-log is inspired by the recent pandemic, where thousands of youth across the country are stranded with a lack of social support.

With depression being on the rise and with youth being the most at risk with anxiety and depression, we were inspired to create an app that helped ingrain meditative habits within our users that helped regulate their mood as well as consult for advice when needed.

This project came with a lot of challenges such as how to frame our call to action to help those most vulnerable as well as striking a balance between overwhelming our users with notifications and prioritizing their well-being.

Overall, this was a splendid project to work on given the experience of working in a team across different timezones as well as making design changes such as colors based upon usability heuristics for the sake of the user.

Built With

  • discord
  • english
  • figma
  • gmail
  • googlemeet
  • googleslide
  • miro
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