As we grow older, our mental capabilities decline. We have harder time remembering names and dates, we have harder times focusing, and have diminished reaction time and brain hand coordination. However, this is not inevitable if we train our minds. Our brains are neuroplastic, meaning they can regenerate and replensh despite aging.

Our Mission

How can we utilize technology in parallel to neuroplasticity interface to provide regular and effective progressions for patients with declining mental capacity?

Our Solution

We created a platform for the elderly with diminishing mental capacities to use performance based tasks in order to retain abilities such as: short term memory and retention, spontaneous reaction time, and dexterity in brain hand coordination.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating static JavaScript files with Flask as a backend. Developing accurate and useful performance tasks and activities. Hosting on Heroku.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of creating activities and tasks that can be useful to a wide range of elderly people. We're proud of getting our project hosted on the web, so everyone can use it.

What it's built with

Python Flask: Backend and User Database Functionality HTML: Front end website layout CSS: Front end website formatting Java Script: Development of Performance Based Assessments and Evaluation task structure

What's next for Mind+

Throughout creating Mind+ and its original mission we developed on the idea that we not only have to cater to the needs of the elderly but also to the needs of other special needs persons. This is why we are creating a wider range of performance assessments in order to better integrate a more diverse group of patients within our platform. In addition we want to work in parallel with pre-existing treatments and digitize them so that there is a seamless treatment for people without formal healthcare. We would also like to create better suggestions and performance reviews in order to better utilize their time with our product.

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