As nowadays mostly students even adults do feel the problem of lack of concentration during study. So I made a platform on which people can use different features which will helps them to increase their focus and concentration which will automatically increase their productivity.

Also due to covid, students have faced a lot of difficulties in learning and the biggest problem is for the physically impaired children as it would become for them to learn behind a screen so this website also has feature of text to speech and speech to text for them too.

What it does

My project is a website which provides six different functions that can help students with their studies ,increase concentration and promote productivity.

Pomodoro Timer :The Pomodoro timer provides work periods with breaks in between. This method is one of the best study methods and keeps up your motivation, improves productivity, and ensures you do not strain yourself.

Melody: It includes four different playlists i.e related to concentration , listening time of each is different ,music genre is also different that is proven to promote focus and memorization.

Flash Cards: These customizable flashcards are easy to make and efficient to use. They will help you memorize anything you need to know.

Calculator: An easy access calculator for all your calculating needs.

Text to Speech (TTS): It is scientifically proven that audial learning can help you learn and memorize more than just reading it. Not only that, but you can multitask and complete other things while listening to your text being read to you.

Speech to Text (STT) :This function will print out everything it hears. Instead of typing, you can just say what you want to write and the computer will write it for you!. You can also leave it on during a lecture to have a transcript of the lesson for future reference.

How we built it

I built it using tech stacks like Html, CSS, Javascripts and APIs

Challenges we ran into

In integration of the APIs in the website and in Deployment .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I have completed this project all by myself and able to reach my goal.

What we learned

About some new APIs and features.

What's next for Minare

I am planning to add a novel or magazine page as reading is a good habit to improve your understanding and will affect your over all development.

I am also thinking to add a blog page too so that the students who benefitted from this website will about their experience and motivate others

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