The Solana community and developers have definitely inspired Mimoto to grow and become the new mint store explorer. So much grows is coming, I felt this would be a perfect way for new artists/creators to showcase their art!

What it does

Mimoto is an iOS & Android app that allows users to explorer the Candy machine ecosystem on Solana. Many more NFT projects are now being built on Solana and many artists are now in need of a place to showcase their art, and allow users to mint brand new releases.

A user can use the app on their mobile device to create a wallet and browse mint stores.

How we built it

The app is build using Flutter via dart. The app is compatible with iOS/Android and also Desktop/Web. This is the flexibility we currently have with this framework. It was interested to begin developing this app as the more mature libraries are found in JS and other languages. But we found that the Dart Sdk does provide all the necessary functionality required.

Challenges we ran into

The most interesting challenges we had:

  1. To build a modular way to connect mint stores to the app.
  2. Make a user friendly interface with crypto abstractions to not confuse newcomers.

Lots of crypto apps make it very complicated to use, add too much information that is usually not relevant to the user. With Mimoto, we want to beautify and abstract as much as possible so the user can focus on browsing and purchasing beautiful art.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to make this actually happen and see it working in real time. The accomplishment is essentially the whole experience from start to finish. Very excited to see users mint new art with Mimoto!

What we learned

How to integrate Solana into a user friendly app, making the ecosystem super accessible.

What's next for Mimoto

  1. Mimoto will focus on adding support for the Fair Launch Protocol! This will be super exciting and will play a big role in the Solana NFT Ecosystem.
  2. Grow the team!

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