I wanted to create an app that would allow for AIML powered automation of business VoIP calling. As an entrepreneur, management may spend hours and months training to efficiently provision Microsoft Teams, App Source applications, and/or spend thousands on soft phones that don't necessarily meet the solo-entrepreneurial needs. I wanted to create a simple app that would integrate MS- Teams with continuous AIML workflows that allow for instant and reliable automated text to speech call center capabilities. Go ahead, hand your business card to a potential client!

What it does

MIMO 5.0 is a SIP-based VoIP phone available on desktop and mobile - enabling seamless communications for all your call center needs including voice broadcasting, automated service agents, and text message broadcasting. Create campaigns & connect your business phone, second phone line or Google Voice with MS Teams and accelerate business productivity.

How I built it

MIMO 5.0 was built in a multiple stages. First, we designed the customer experience, followed by the UI implementions, and later added our source code and machine learning dynamics.

Challenges I ran into

Most issues we ran into would be build deployment across a range of visual editors and power-shells. App deployment requires multiple extensions for successful build and sometimes, those extensions were shrouded in hundreds of retweets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

App Design and Back-end Functionality

What I learned

Start from Google Search!


Product Improvements!

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