How do you manage enterprise applications for your workplace? MPIENCES BRANDS INC. wants you to feel confident when managing server and client i/o. Automating an entire network seems like a daunting task but us here at Genius Brands MuyasiMpiences have completely automated server client networks for day to day operational use. Go ahead, use typing DNA bio-metrics, anvil risk management, and MIMO 4.0 to accelerate business productivity.

What it does

Run our app in your power-shell run command and let AI/ML automation do all the work for you. Scan your servers and networks for speed, productivity, risk management, and authenticate users with typing DNA bio-metrics. Our functionality doesn't stop there. Mitigate corporate governance, climate, and culture with our exclusive Firebase map that allows you to measure movement and location of employee intention. Screen for changes in motion, location, and GPS activity. No more bad days workaholics!

How we built it

We integrated various API codifications from Google Cloud to TypingDNA & Azure to run a seamless web app that runs in the background of your enterprise applications. We also used visual studio to design the best exclusive UX/UI presentation for MIMO 4.0.

Challenges we ran into

Although our code contained no errors, we ran into challenges with the Oauth Sandbox when deploying the app to our domains. Our challenges are static and require approval to package and launch our bonafide resilience web & mobile app. We didn't have access to our PowerBI logs for efficient automation due to asset depreciation. We also ran into challenges where our entire log was deleted by accident and most of our files had to be re-programmed and uploaded to the cloud. The file was exceedingly large and we were unable to transfer our code to visual studio for added design planning. Although we cried, we never gave up. In the end, were able to recreate the app to the best of our abilities and deploy to the cloud environment!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I felt accomplished at the versatility and functionality of an app created in less than four business days. I had a list of innovations to create and managed to finalize one out of four software applications for field use. I felt extremely proud of myself and my work ethic.

What we learned

We learned how to code in a new language. It was an excellent adventure in information assurances and quality innovation.


Our next goal is to continue to upgrade MIMO 4.0 for publication in Microsoft's Developer Hackathon Competition. To infinity and beyond!

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