The image of the mime and his dexterity is associated with fast and silent food delivery) Why is he delivering donuts? Because I remember the street mime that I met once in the park, he was juggling donuts) I saw the image of the mime on a girl from the Internet) About name: Mimental is a play on words like digital and pantomime = Mimental

What it does

When you bring your hand to the screen, a donut falls into it, and even lingers in your hand for a while! The filter tells you that the delivery of these donuts is so fast that before you try a real donut, you can hold a virtual donut in your hands ... and while you are playing with a virtual donut, you are immersed in donut dreams, your appetite is played out and instead of one donut you buy the whole box))

How we built it

I've used for this project are : Hand tracking and Cloth Simulation as for head binded ribbon, snow vfx, fur material.

Challenges we ran into

Hand tracking did not work stably, but there were enough settings in the finished asset that helped me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that in a few weeks I understood how Lens studio works, I am proud that my make-up has become better than it was thanks to Lens options

What we learned

I learned how a hand tracker works.

What's next for Mimetal Donut Delivery

It will be great if my donut hero appears in real life and delivers food to people!

Built With

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