We can't afford ramen as broke college (one high school) students and noticed that our friends have trouble with this too. We wanted to make it easy for millennials to combat their college debt and learn more about the power of investments. In addition, we wanted to make a social network where users could interact and share updates on their investments, as well as follow others that have similar investment interests and collaborate. A tracking feature to follow investments against your salary and what you spend each day is a much-needed feature that we wanted to incorporate.

What it does

Makes it easy to learn about investment and start investing in your own stocks as well as connect with others that may be potential partners. It also suggests stocks and investments based on your interests and current economic state.

How we built it

We utilized Figma and Invision to lay out our ideas. A majority of our time was used for brainstorming and design on these applications to set the foundations for the back end programming. In the future, we would code the app in Node.js and HTML/CSS. We'd also use a stock API to find and update current stocks.

Challenges we ran into

The implementation and design of the details of the application were challenging, but it was awesome when we got them done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning the new programs we needed to use to implement our ideas, developing a solution to help others in need.

What we learned

How to transform our ideas into a medium fidelity prototype!

What's next for Million-enials

Finish the back end component (Node.js) and implementing it into our current system so everyone can afford ramen! :)

Built With

  • invision
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