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Our group plans to use community based approaches in an effort to not only keep tracks of mothers and babies throughout her pregnancy but also provide them with resources to address some of the needs of the communities. We couple our community based program with a web application that will make it easy to track the women during and after their pregnancy and create a database of information plotting infant and maternal mortality and health within Uttar Pradesh.

Currently several rural communities in India have an ASHA, or, a local women trained to act as a health educator and promoter in her communities. Her roles include motivating women to give births in hospitals, promoting family planning, ensuring each child receives appropriate immunizations, providing first aid services to basic illness and injury, and with our help, recording demographic and health data.

Our web application allows the ASHA to easily keep track of the mother and child’s health during pregnancy and after they are dismissed from the hospital using a mobile phone or computer. In addition to recording the overall health of the family, she would be in charge of holding a biweekly group meeting where women can learn about basic health issues, discuss problems within their community, and receive support. As an incentive, mothers would be offered a childcare kit for attending both community meetings and fulfilling medical requirements in addition to their current government stipend.

For the source code and more technical information, check out the project on Github.

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