Focusing on the ZotHack's theme: "information going viral", our team was inspired by many existing social media platforms, but wanted an easier, more convenient way to explore them.

Our team also drew many aesthetic/design inspirations from popular google chrome extensions like Honey.

What it does

If our users are on a supported site, the chrome extension will be able to automatically look through keywords on a user’s screen and suggest other relevant viral links from a small, easy to access window.

For example, say you are on Youtube and you are watching a cute cat video, Milk will pop up in the corner and display trending links that are related to cats that you may also be interested in pursuing.

How we built it

Our group was split into two teams:

One was dedicated to the back-end development such as: utilizing node.js and cheerio to web scrape and return relevant titles and urls.

The other team of two were dedicated to the front end development such as: utilizing javascript, css, and html to create the user interface in a google chrome extension that neatly displays the relevant titles.

Challenges we ran into

Working on the project with limited technical experience in web development

Being able to web-scrape specific urls on Google

Integrating the front-end and back-end code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a a clean logo and user interface

Utilizing node.js and cheerio that is able to web-scrape website titles and their specific urls on Google

To be able to communicate between our chrome extension HTML file with our node.js backend

To be able to automatically create thumbnails for each url we webscraped

What we learned

Our team learned how to code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and JSON. We learned how to effectively collaborate and solve a multitude of problems in computer science in a team setting

What's next for Milk

Allowing users to be able to separate the viral links into different categories based on specific sources (i.e., Youtube, Reddit, Facebook)

Improve the overall aesthetic and user experience of the extension

Improve the algorithm used to find the related links and include statistics of how many people viewed similar viral links shown

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