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Imagine a world where every challenge in life is supported by a worldwide community guiding us to the greatest possible outcome. A world where applying knowledge to action is encouraged. Or having immediate access to the knowledge that is needed to handle any challenge. This project exists–Meet Miljn. Miljn combines the values of Web3, Blockchain, Tokenomics, and DAO with a UI that expresses topic expertise as a set of small executable steps.

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3.1 Project Story

We did not come up with the ideas for our user interface. It was actually used to plan, develop, and track the complex reporting process back in the 1980s. Of course, a particular card system was used back then to make this data possible. This card system reflected the relationship of all the interactions that were had along the way and not just the reporting of the action. In 2020, the Miljn project was established. It was originally intended to turn this User Interface into the current web. Every aspect centered around the belief that in order to succeed, we needed a perfect user interface (UI). A turning point for us was the Internet Computer Chapter. We were intimately connected to and influenced by Berlin's Crypto & Blockchain scene from the start, but we just accidentally discovered the IC.

3.1.1 About the project Inspiration

The knowledge we need to overcome challenges in life typically already exists; we just don't have access to it. Innovation in technology is not the focus of the Miljn initiative. We don't assert that our code is the best in terms of effectiveness, elegance, or aesthetics. Our goal is to assist people in overcoming their challenges in life. What it does

Miljn has a fairly straightforward goal. We encourage people in overcoming their challenges in life. We are aware that each person's journey is unique and that each person has extremely particular challenges. Miljn makes it possible for you to get the knowledge, regardless of whether you are a struggling single parent who just lacks the time to balance your family and career life or someone who is financially challenged and just wants to access the knowledge. How we built it

Our current approach is quite simple and done in three steps: We used the Vue.js/vite.js program, a single Motoko-based back-end container for data storage, giving the workflow mechanics for the proposal and energy workflow, and of course, the Internet Identity plays a significant role for the authentication. Challenges we ran into

Establishing a local network for the Internet Identity. The inadequate and disconnected developer documentation was the only source of information. What we learned

This part consists mostly of three crucial aspects: For the DNA of Miljn, we require an IC. The IC is unquestionably our goal platform in its current state. It's a big pain when there isn't clear and simple documentation. Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to distinguish between IC and ICP in terms of usage thanks to the glossary, but we still don't understand why it's so unclear.

Additionally, even though we jumped into the Hackathon at the last minute, we are delighted that we were able to realize a fresh version of our idea for the IC.

In 2 weeks, we Gathered a diverse, decentralized and remote team to help our bold vision deeply recognized how important Miljn is for all of us Mastered the jump into the cold development water of the IC ocean Implemented our new UI from scratch Replaced our entire web2 back-end with the IC in about 800 lines of code What's next for Miljn on the ICP

Our Roadmap is as follows:

  • Quarter 3 of 2022: Intensify the summoning of knowledge providers in order to form a community and to on-board 100 of them as Beta Testers
  • Quarter 3 of 2022: Start improving Miljn architecture to take into account the specifics of the IC
  • Quarter 1 of 2023: Experiment with Tokenomics & ease the creator process
  • Quarter 3 of 2023: Planning of the Miljn DAO rollout

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