Three of the group members sat down before the event and started coming up with different ideas for the hackathon. They landed on the idea of Miles Per Knowledge because the amount of time on a plane is typically spent watching a movie/tv show or reading a book. They imagined being more productive by learning from a subject of your choice.

What it does

The application gives you a list of Khan Academy courses that you can take during the time of your flight. The time of the flight is based on the information the user provides when they first access the application. The user inputs their departure, and arrival destinations to find the amount of time the flight will take. Then the application provides a list of subjects the user can choose from. Once they choose a subject, the video is downloaded so it can be watched offline.

Challenges we ran into

Alex - Some things that I had some challenges with was time and the android operating systems making request.

Alicia - My knowledge of Android Studio is limited, so there was only so much that I could help with.

Elizabeth - My skill set is in HTML, Javascript, graphic design, and forensic science so my usefulness was limited.

Reese - Django continues to pose new challenges, like dealing with an external database. Fun to tackle nonetheless.

Ricky - I could only contribute my knowledge of flights.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Alex - I was able to develop an android app within 24 hours.

Alicia - I am proud of the Entity Relationship Diagram I created and the database that I set up.

Elizabeth - I am proud that it was finished in time.

Reese - working understanding of the Khan Academy Api and FlightAware Api. Better understanding of how flight patterns work. Much better grasp on database manipulation in-program.

Ricky - I was able to contribute my knowledge of flights into the form of a .csv file.

What was learned

Alex - I learned that planning is the most important step, because it leads to correct results.

Alicia - I learned a lot about Databases and was actually able to apply what I am learning in class to the project. I was able to help with the Android application design and it was fun learning about what I could do in Android Studio.

Elizabeth - I learned the cc version of Dreamweaver.

Reese - I learned an interesting example of a tree structure for storing data. I also learned how to access data through an external database via python.

Ricky - I learned that there is a lot more to software development.

What's next for Miles Per Knowledge

The website to go live. Alexa integration features. More places to get classes from, and working with an online university, such as University of Phoenix, to help people that are taking continuing education, or need to complete a course for their profession.

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