COVID-19 has forced education online, and teachers can't be the only ones teaching students and holding them accountable. Mileo acts as an application to help teachers and students alike reach out to struggling students and set them up for success.

What it does

The purposes of Mileo are twofold. First, Mileo acts as a productivity application. For a particular class, Mileo displays the progress of assignments, visible to all users, by showing milestones. Mileo simplifies the process of tracking one's assignments and allows the user to see the progress of their peers and the average progress of the class.

Also, Mileo acts as a form of accountability to help students keep up motivation. Because the progress of assignments is visible to all users, students will feel more inclined to catch up if they're falling behind or the opposite--reach out to someone falling behind.

How we built it

The stack uses a react frontend and a node backend. Using the firebase database, we were able to populate the platform with assignments and the milestone progress for each user.

What's next for Mileo

Mileo has a strong potential for use in remote work environments in addition to the classroom. We believe Mileo could be used to track the progress of remote teams and classes to help the group as a whole navigate an assignment during the covid pandemic.

Another future use for Mileo would be the creation of study groups. Ideally, we would have a database containing the past performance on assignments for each student, so we would create an algorithm to match students into study groups based on working pace.


Video - quick run-through of our product with key highlights
GitHub - repo containing our code
Figma - working prototype that demonstrates the primary functionality of Mileo

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