In every crop season there is massive temporary migration of work force including farm labor , machine labor etc. but the thing is there path is not pre-planned and pre-programmed. Crop have a very crucial time to harvest, early you spoil it, late it won't be in your hand. So the idea is to develop a platform which can meet both the ends so that requirement meet the supply. Apart from this labor payed less at the labor pools. This also become a survival question for them. Similarly farmer pay more if there is shortage of labor, which in turn affect their production.

What it does

It work in way so that the farmer can get the labor at time and labor know where they have to go in order to save time and maximum utilize the time and efficiency. In real system there are three way to connect to the system viz. internet, sms, interactive voice response , as most of them have very low literacy rate, but thanks to modern time they know how to operate the phone. The system can be extend to provide suggestion so that they can know where they should go in this season, and also farmers have a way to know when there labor will be arriving. This system currently exchange their detail based on there location

How I built it

I first analyse the problem and see what is the actual cause that even this massive migration still fail to meet all the deadline. After find out the reason, it is just implementation and representation.

Challenges I ran into

Real world is a very dynamic with lots of variables, all of which cannot be processed so easily. Following are few points to which were the hurdles when I started. 1:- There is very low literacy rate. 2:- How to populate database so that information stay up to date 3:- How to eliminate the middle man

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The complete system can become a very great tool to guide the massive migration flow toward the right direction.It just a prototype, but it will become a mile stone to increase the crop production which is the only solution to the world's greatest problem i.e hunger. 

What's next for Milan

Milan is going to become complete. It can be integrated in government schemes to equalize the work flow.

Government trying to make work available to all labor at their location, this can become a very great aid to know where more efforts are required, where work is needed and where workers....

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