I have worked many years in business development and I have always used a CRM. I have seen a trend for not only companies but now persons are using CRMs to be in touch with their friends or family. Every time I put critical information about my customer or partner or competitor in Salesforce or other CRMs, I am afraid someone is going to get that information and be able to take my win. Sales competition is critical and by protecting your critical sales data, you know you have the upper hand.

What it does

Mila CRM, is a fast, decentralized and private CRM. You can create, delete and edit contacts, opportunities, accounts and tasks. In the dashboard, you will be able to see what task is due that day or week or month, you will be able to see how big are your opportunities, what are you closing and already closed this year, month or week. Is not implemented yet, but you will be able to share your CRM with your teammembers, that way your manager or CEO of the company will be able to see how big will be the revenue for a specific date. You are able to search any opportunity, tasks, contact, account using the universal search bar.

How I built it

I saw that blockstack made it easy for any developer to implement a decentralized and private storage and universal authentication. I follow the different tutorials that blockstack put together and using material-ui, I was able to create my MVP and then continue to add different features.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first time coding, so my biggest challenge was taking the time to study and build this CRM. The biggest challenge was to make a good UI and then fix the back end so everything looks right.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With no coding experience, I was able to build this CRM that I have always wanted to. I feel sales data are very important and many times confidential that no one should be able to see.

What I learned

How to build with react, node.js and material UI. How to implement blockstack authentication and gaia storage.

What's next for Mila CRM

Next for Mila CRM is to bring the option for teams to be able to see the same data. Bring a news search bar so you can find any social media o blog or news about a company or a person. Improve the UI/UX. Add dmail and blockusign to my CRM so you can send emails and sign contracts from the CRM. I will start bringing startups and established companies to use my CRM.

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