SE3352a Assignment 2 - Student Records System by Liam, Jonathan, Henry, Mohit, and Cam.

Assignment Description

This assignment is to develop a full stack web application. On the client side, Ember.js framework must be used to build a single-page application (browser-based app) that manages student records. On the server side, you will build a REST API server hosted by Express.JS running on Node.JS framework. Student records will be saved in a MongoDB database such that a Mongoose module will be your adapter between Express and MongoDB. Ajax used due to time constraints due to approaching deadline.


The main page displays and allows editing of student records (represented by text fields for student number, first name, last name, date of birth, and two combo boxes for the residency and gender. In addition, the student photo will be displayed (currently showing either a guy or girl cartoon, associative with gender).
List of mock student data is provided in excel sheet to be imported into Mongo document (student table).

The main menu consists of 9 menu options with corresponding icons.
The following describes the functionality of each menu option:

• Save: save any changes made to the student record to the backend database.
• Undo: to rollback one recent change made to the student record by that user.
• First Record: display the first student in the database.
• Previous Record: display the student in the database preceding the student currently in view.
• Next Record: display the student in the database following the student currently in view.
• Last Record: display the last student in the database.
• All: display a list of all students existing in the database.
• Find Record: search the students’ database to retrieve an individual student based on a given student number.
• Help: shows a simple paragraph describing the application.

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