Corona forces us to stay at home. With the smartphone in our pockets, we have a great device with a large number of ways to stay connected. So I wanted to make it possible to connect with each other in an easy way. For example grabbing a beer at friday evening while staying at home. Screen-beer does exactly this. You can join a video-chat room with others on this page. But sometimes, you want to be in a more private enviroment, for example with your best friends. So I thought about an easy way to use Jitsi and connect in a more private way. The solution should also make it easy for others to reuse it for their own project. So I came in touch with the people behind "Tag der Nachbarschaftshilfe".

What it does

miitmi creates a random link to establish a videochat trough jitsi. it makes it easy for organisations and people to connect with each other. With miitmi you just have to do two clicks. First, invite your friends and second connect to your videochat. The built in web-component can be used by other orgnisations and projects on their websites. the text and colors can easily be changed. miitmi is part of the national initiative To reach more people, it is translated in french and german.

How I built it

I have first created a website containing two buttons. one for sharing and one for actually open the video chat via Jitsi. this two buttons I later moved into a resusable webcomponent. For the sharing button I integrated the web-social-share component. So the sharing function is working on all kind of devices.

Challenges I ran into

Provide a sharing experience for all devices. It was the first time, I have built a web-component by myself. so it was a great way to learn something new. For me it was clear to use webcomponents for this use case. Everyone should be able to use it for other projects as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was my first web component I have built. The page screen beer and hilf-jetzt is using my technology. The CEO of ionicframework has posted a message on twitter of my and other corona related projects. it is built as a PWA, so everyone is able to use it with a first class user experience. No matter if its on a smartphone or laptop.

What I learned

building and integrating a web components in a web project. Dealing with requirments from other projects. Building web apps with stencil and Ionic is so fast and easy. PWA makes it so easy to build a native like user experience! In the future, I will build more stuff like this!

What's next for miitmi

miitmi will be pushed for the "Tag der Nachbarschaftshilfe" on April 2nd. Then for the next weekend, hopefully it's fully integrated in Screen Beer. The potential to integrate it almost everywhere makes it interesting for other organizations! But for that, the buttons need more customizable functions which I would develop.

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