We wanted to create an application where users are able to add their own personal reminders and items, like a real life bulletin board. Here, users can organize their thoughts while they perform daily tasks, such as web browsing, doing homework assignments, or even just to meditate. We wanted to create a centralized hub that is both personal and customizable for all end-users and to provide a safe space for them.

What it does

Once logged in, users are able to customize the interface to their liking, which includes creating personalized sticky notes, adding their Google Calendar, and even adding photos (which appear like polaroid photos on the board). In addition to this, if users want to just focus on their studies, or need to listen to music, they are able to listen to their Spotify playlists, as well as our included audio tracks that have adjustable volume sliders. These soundtracks simulate background noises such as a cafe, a rainy day, and even ocean waves.

How we built it

For the front-end, we mostly utilized HTML, CSS, and Javascript, while for the back-end we used Flask and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problems with implementing buttons that created elements like sticky notes. Instead of adding directly to the page, we instead made POST requests, which allowed us to be more flexible in filtering for the information we needed and then adding to our database that way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After making their accounts, users are able to personalize their own page by adding various different elements from Spotify playlists to their own Google Calendar. MiiSpace is able to remember any notes, images, and more while also being able to display them.

What we learned

For the most part, I think we learned a lot about how Flask works and how we can deploy an actual web application. Only one member of our group had experience with Flask, and we all had to learn its basic concepts before we could start building our application.

What's next for MiiSpace

We intend for a ‘save’ function that allows MiiSpace to remember the exact positions where each element was left when a user has exited/refreshed their personal page.

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