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What is HealthTech? Healthtech is your individual medical overview. In HealthTech you can · Find your (next) appointments o Find information about the appointment o How long you have to wait in the waiting room o The precise location of the room you are expected · See an overview of your medical records from different caregivers (General practice, midwife, dentist etc.) · Give other caregivers permission to access information you want to share with them · Find the status of your insurance Excesses · Write notes which are for personal use

What cost MIHC? HealthTech is a free overview of your medical information.

Is MIHC safe? We collect and use the next data to offer you our services, to improve and to protect: · Account. Data like your name, e-mail, birthday and medical information are collected and linked into your account.

What is mandatory excess in your health insurance? When you receive medical care you will pay part of the costs yourself. This is called the mandatory excess. The government determines the level of the excess each year. The mandatory excess applies to everyone from the age of 18. You will pay excess as well as your insurance premium. You use up the full excess amount before receiving a reimbursement from the basic insurance. Mandatory excess never applies to medical care reimbursed from a supplementary insurance.

What do I bring to an appointment? When you are having your first appointment, please bring your identity- and insurance card. In that way your personal data and medical records will get set in your MIHC account. From then on if you take your mobile with the app on it with you that should be sufficient when going to an appointment. But don’t forget that there are exceptions. So always read in the calendar just in case your doctor asks for bring-alongs.

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