• Reward Badges for Sport Device (for ex. FitBit)
  • Taking care of a Tamagoshi oder of a virtual pet
  • Pokemon/Farmville/SimCity games

What it does:

  • Increase the ease and proximity to personal sustainable impact
  • Increase the Interest & knowledge of Customers about Migros Products, about Labels and their added value

How we built it: The main Idea was the growing tree. We liked the Idea of a Tree Avatar growing over time. From that we added secondary Ideas:

  • the fact Migros will contribute and support sustainable projects and plant tree (good for the reputation of the company - great competitiv advantage!)
  • the winning of Cumulus reduction, rewards, the availability of Reporting datas

Our Team was split in two:

  • two person took care of the website and Datas
  • two persons worked on the concept and the presentation

Challenges we ran into:

  • Reduce our many ideas to a few realistic ones

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are really proud of our main Idea (the growing tree). It can lead to many possible extensions (the same consept with a cute baby animal, etc.).
  • Taking the time to learn about each other while drinking a beer

What we learned

  • that none "IT Person" can strongly support and contribute to "IT Projekt"
  • to well divided the work between us depending on our competencies / efficiency

What's next for MiGrow

  • not only one Design for the tree, but the choice between plants Avatars
  • Designing cool Rewards (Birds, Owl, Flowers etc.) which take place in the tree
  • Design a forest / Rainforest where the planted trees are collected (instead of a listing of them without background)
  • the same concept with a cut baby animal (and with the futur sustainability Criteria - for example a Manta for underwater sustainability)
  • In Store "Scan, Play und Plant" Game with Cumulus reductions

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