We believe when it comes to Nutrition; our supermarket (Migros) knows better, not some random health App. We wanted to create a much more robust ecosystem around nutrition where Migros can come closer to its customers to provide them with more control over their Nutrition planning while rewarding them and helping them be sustainable by understanding the impact of their food on the environment and offer them ways to offset their CO2. We wanted Migros to be the "Apple of Nutrition"

What it does

Migros Me App is a nutrition ecosystem run by Migros where customers can find all information about the food they consume:

  • It helps them create better nutrition plans and manage health goals
  • Robo Basket auto-orders food according to the customer's Nutrition plans. while providing notification on food purchased, such as food expiring, etc.
  • Migros Me syncs with fitness tracker / local Health data to show both the Calories intake of food consumed against activity and Calories burned (not too many Apps can do this well without manual user input).
  • Migros Me can also offer rewards based on accomplishing health goals, this can be a platform for Migros to offer services from their wider group. It can also use the rewards as a platform to gain more clients as rewards can be sent also as a gift to friends.
  • Migros Me uses the nutrition data to also show the impact of the consumed food on CO2 emission and sustainability, clients can use this information to opt-in planting trees and other sustainability activities.

How I built it

We used Kotlin which is a cross-platform, general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, we also used the Huawei Mobile Services to deploy our App. Through to the App we used some of the more robust navigation ways, such as Tinder-like swiping through the recipes, we used some of the product data to build a list of recipes the user can interact with.

Challenges I ran into

App development was new to us (specially on HMS - Huawei Mobile Services), we ran into some rendering issues and app flow bugs, but with a bit of googling, we managed to overcome some of those, still we need more time to build all the functionalities of our very ambitious App

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing a functioning Android App in such a short time is always a challenge, however, we were able to create the key areas and functionalities of our App, we worked together very well and learned a lot in the last 40 hours. We are very proud of our idea on building this Nutrition ecosystem

What I learned

We very much enjoyed working together, brainstorming user journeys and finding ways to use the data Migros has to create innovative services. We are data scientist and App development was new to us, so we very much enjoyed working on creating the Migros Me App. We also learned that Migors has a lot of information on its products which was striking

What's next for Migros Me

We hope Migros find this ecosystem Nutrition App of huge value to their business, we intend to continue to working on our application and improving its usability and functionality.

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