Since Processing is able to produce powerful visuals, I originally wanted to project it to my device and make it a live (or even interactive) wallpaper.

What it does

Turns out transforming Processing output into an actual Android wallpaper is very difficult, so I decided to reach the minimum requirement; to output to an Android.

How I built it

Coupling Android SDK with the Processing API, Processing is able to compute the output using the emulator and project the visual onto the actual device.

Challenges I ran into

Not much, some of the functions that Processing uses is not supported by the Android SDK, so I had to find some way around it or give up completely.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nothing that I am proud of, because everybody could do it. I would be proud if I actually made it into a wallpaper.

What I learned

Using Processing to produce a live wallpaper for android is almost impossible from research.

What's next for Migrating "Processing" output to the Android device

Attempt to use the motion sensors of the phone to that Processing Android provides.

Built With

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