Migraines are common ailments across the nation. Knowing the difference between a headache and a migraine can help to determine medical health.

What it does

Asks the user a series of questions to determine whether the user has a migraine, a headache, or something else.

How we built it

Used Android Studio, and a little bit of pain and suffering (jk)

Challenges we ran into

Absolutely no experience with Android Studio before beginning the project. Could not develop the app to match the idea considered before the hackathon started.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing an Android app with some functionality within 36 hours with no prior experience in Android Studio.

What we learned

Much more difficult than expected. The amount of resources available on Android Studio makes it a little overwhelming.

What's next for MigraineHack

Further implement functionality for the app -

  1. Migraine tracking: Develop a way to store multiple instances of migraines and an algorithm to determine patterns or triggers based on the information gathered over time.
  2. Design- Improve the layout and beautify the app
  3. More User Friendly- More options and better visuals for users
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