We aim to help migrant laborer's in their quest to get industrial Jobs. A majority of these laborers lost their jobs during the recent COVID Lockdown all over the globe. They had been forced out of the Industrial areas as they were employed on a daily basis. Using our Webapp-MigLab, the industries get an attractive & easy to use portal, which can be used to get the details of the laborers around them, such as their name, phone number, skill and pin-code.

What it does

The Project can be broken down into two major components:

1. Calling Service for laborers This easy to use, internet free service helps them to communicate to us that he/she is in need of a job. The skill he/she mentions is also used to shortlist the candidate for the job perfect for him/her.

2. Industrial Managers Portal The Industrial Managers can request the particular type of worker required. The request is stored on our back-end & helps us shortlist the right candidate for the job. A list of suitable candidates with their details is shown in the personalized portal, which can help the recruiters to accept or reject the candidate after an interaction.

How we built it

For our Webapp we used technologies like HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. For our visualization, we integrated Tableau into our Webapp as well. We then used Google Cloud's Service Dialogflow to build a telephone based service for the laborers. The data that the laborers feed into the Telephone is stored onto our MongoDB database. Company's data and requirements are also stored in the database using Node.js. The server is also used to further retrieve the candidates, using our REST APIs, which are deemed suitable for the job, according to skill & location.

Challenges we ran into

Coming up with an intuitive method of getting data from the laborers using no internet, as these people have no access to a smartphone. Interconnecting the MongoDB Database with the Google Cloud's service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ported over an entire system of Recruitment over to Telephone services. A Unique way for hiring laborers. Interconnecting the entire DialogFlow's database with our own MongoDB Database. Created our own REST APIs.

What we learned

Working across multiple technologies & Integrating Multiple Platforms to develop an Innovative Platform.

What's next for MigLab - Make a call, get a job!

Expansion across multiple domains like Farming, where the user might not have access to internet. Can be used for various Non- Business activities, which involve workers without a smartphone.

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