We wanted to create something that would speed up daily life, as well as learn something new - speech recognition in this case.

What it does

Ability to answer queries spoken by the user and answering audibly. It has great possibilities of expansion by using the plugin system, which allows quick module addition with little work by developers.

How we built it

We split the works into three categories - speech recognition and synthesis, incorporating APIs and smaller modules into the project and recognition of queries topics, so it feels like speaking to a human.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to incorporate big companies APIs, however some of them weren't working as supposed. Uber is buggy and Domino's pizza has little customisation of the order.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create base application and add many modules ranging from finance to ordering pizza. Testing was expensive but tasty!

What we learned

Working with external APIs is hard, but worth work. We get to use projects done by other people and join them together into bigger piece.

What's next for Mighty Dragon

Expansion, preferably with help of third parties. It's incredibly easy to implement new functions and it's great to think about one app in the future that allows to use all possible services avaiable.

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