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Prevention is beter than cure! In current scenarios, when a patient has multiple symptoms, it is hard for him to identify which disease matches his symptoms. Our project is an lightweight, quick aid in identifying the disease based on the symptoms, so that the patient doesnot go to a serious situation. This is trained on 404 symptoms and identifying the disease from a list of diseases. It uses Support Vector Machine classification to predict the diease based on the model that is trained on the dataset of diseases and symptoms. All the symptoms that a patient observes in him are entered in an input text file named "indications.txt". The predicted disease based on the symptoms is then printed out.

Filenames and description: raw_data.csv : Raw input dataset on which prediction model is trained indications.txt : Contains the symptoms that a patient sees in him processed_data.csv : Intermediate processes data all_indication.txt : List of every symptoms that a person can choose his symptom from : Python Code for predictor

Syntax: python indications.txt

Future Scope: A best improvement is to have a UI interface where the patient can dynamically get the symptoms that he looks for on a more comprehensive dataset oes

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