Coordinating places to meet up with friends that are convenient for both parties sucks.

What it does

Midpoint finds the halfway point between you and a friend, and returns a map and list populated with potential meet up places around that point.

How I built it

Using here's JS API mostly. I didn't want to make anything server backed, so I was thrilled that this API didn't require authentication with OAuth.

Challenges I ran into

As with any project, Midpoint. was sort of a constant uphill battle. I think my biggest challenge was that I spelled 'style' as 'stlye' and couldn't figure out why my CSS wasn't applying for an embarrassingly long time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I handled parallel asynchronous API calls for the first time in my life! even though we ended up not needing to...

What I learned

I learned about the translate3d() property in CSS, and how to handle HTML form submission.

What's next for Midpoint.

I want to improve the site on mobile, because currently it's not very usable.

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