Deforestation and plastic waste is being dominant sources of many environmental problems like climate change. There is a lack of awareness and effort in making the environment regain its glory. We have been shouting slogans and playing the 'blame game' for too long. It is high time we enter the field ourselves and contribute to humanity.

What it does

It solves the problem of deforestation by motivating people to plant more trees using rewards. It also creates awareness about organic products. People can contribute to afforestation themselves and can have a better review of products by using them.

How we built it

The site is build using: Node Js Express Js React Js Tailwind CSS MongoDB


The user will plant a tree and post the picture with the plantation Picture validation/verification can be done using image processing. Points will be awarded according to the number of plantation through the admin and a database of users with points will be managed. A leaderboard to reward user weekly. The leaderBoard is created according to points. A discount scheme is given on the product's transactions using the formula Discount=x-x*100% The discount is the number of points reduced according to price. The first 3 winners can redeem all the points and get the product for free. Database management was done using MongoDB

Business Model

Since this is an environmentally sustainable model the major investors who will invest in this idea will be the company specifically investing in environment improvement business ideas. The second major investor will be the companies investing their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Using the major advantage of environmental concern we can make major companies invest their CSR into this project. Since it contributes not only afforestation but also use of organic products. There is a definite source of income from the MiniStore that sells the organic product. So companies seeking profits are also targeted investors.

Challenges we ran into

Sorting our target investors and making a business model was a challenge since it used tested our skills on management side. Adding a valid authentication was difficult to implement. Integrating the leaderboard with the backend and database was difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's our first project on social cause and it feels incredible to contribute to the well being of our environment.

What we learned

The best learning was how to address the global issue of deforestation using technology.

What's next for Midori

Authentication through Image Processing Adding Geo location Verification

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