There were many artists on Youtube who makes amazing songs, and aspire to be as skilled as them one day. However, it is difficult to play our favorite songs as a beginner since most instructions are represented as hard-to-cipher music sheets or are tutorials intended for advanced players.

What it does

It takes a Youtube video URL and converts the video into a midi file, a file format that represents music at a higher level. From the midi file, it is able to generate a music sheet to play it as well as an interactive tutorial.

How I built it

We used Youtube API to convert from video to mp3 as well as approximating audio wave to midi note values through mapping. We used the Lilypond library to convert our midi notes into a music sheet as well as using HTML and Javascript to display the interactive tutorial

Challenges I ran into

We had many challenges trying to approximate the audio wave to midi note values as well as getting the server to work with everything together

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managed to get a lot done and be able to convert Youtube videos to tutorials

What I learned

Audio wave and midi note approximating as well as maintaining a server that deals with complex operations can be tough.

What's next for Midi Melody

Improve audio wave to midi note approximation and its robustness.

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