During Hack the North 2022, we have met a lot of peeps who are visiting Toronto and asked us: "what are some places/attractions that we should visit in Toronto?" We blanked out and did not know what to suggest despite living there for many years. And this is what gave birth to our project, Midgard.

We were also hugely inspired by the fact that it was really hard for us sometimes to pick a place for friend or coworker meetups because each person has their own preferences.

What it does

Midgard allows users to SAVE and SHARE their favourite places around the city. Those places include local and international cuisine, cafes, lounges, etc. The application keeps track of the address of the place and the comments on what you recommend having. Beyond that, the application uses the user's favourite places to suggest them new recommendations from time to time.

How we built it

The application was built using React for the front end and Flask for the back end. Because we use Flask for our server side, we decided the use CockroachDB for database management. Finally, we used Figma for UI and design prototyping.

Challenges we ran into

As our first in-person hackathon, time management was definitely a challenge. A few other challenges that we faced include, but are not limited to finding a free alternative option to the Google Map API provided in the GCP, and a lack of strong front-end skills due to the team being strong backend oriented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have successfully completed our first in-person hackathon. Successfully because even though we did not finish our project, we were able to make great memories along the way and made new friends. This experience also gears up for the next challenges we will be facing.

What we learned

We were able to pick up new coding skills through the different workshops. We implemented React and CockroachDB which we learned this weekend and used them to the best of our understanding.

What's next for Midgard

In the future, we want Midgard not to be limited to restaurants. We would like the expand the places options to parks, monuments, touristic attractions or simply and place with an awesome view.

Additionally, we also want to expand our data sources, and more integrations such as Google Maps

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