Interest in neural networks and using it to predict patterns; thought stock prediction would be a fun challenge. If doing stock prediction, also wanted to develop automated trading platform built on top of predicted results.

What it does

Includes: neural net to be able to predict future stock prices, trader to find best buy and sell times, execute transactions when time comes (by having a robot arm execute the trades on a phone)

How we built it

With python (neural network, automated trading), 3d printing (for mechanical hand), an arduino (controls the servos in robot hand), and A LOT of glue

Challenges we ran into

Pressing buttons on screen with a mechanical hand (slightly deformed as 3D printed, servos not very precise). Waiting on things to print and being unable to progress until 5 hour print was complete (this was a considerably huge problem)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a robot hand to touch the phone for us (we could add a pen and make it an artist!)

What we learned

Deformation should be accounted for in mathematical model when using 3D printed materials. Simple neural networks aren't good enough to predict future stock prices to a satisfactory degree of accuracy.

What's next for midas

Improving the accuracy of the predicted stock prices, implementing a watch list to track multiple stocks, improvements to the mechanical arm. Have passive enough income to travel around the world to attend hackathons.

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