For at least the last two years, customers have been nagging us to do a proper Microsoft Teams app for Jira. A pro edition, with a deeper integration and a flawless stream of communication between the two products.

First, we were hesitant – but as our team grew, and as everyone was stuck in home office, our Microsoft Teams usage went through the roof. And we suddenly saw the hurdles our customers had to overcome. This needed to be fixed.

What it does

As we know from our other apps, the biggest time saver for our customers is avoiding switch costs between highly used tools of Atlassian and Microsoft.

Our new Microsoft Teams for Jira app offers an easy access to the most popular, full collaboration tool Microsoft Teams, but from Jira. (Something we would have loved Stride to be, to be honest.)

Imagine the following scenario: You are working in your Jira backlog and need to discuss something with a designer or stakeholder. Usually you’d have to leave Jira and jump over to Microsoft Teams to find the correct person to talk to.

Our app simplifies this. You now can…

  • …create new group chats or channel threads from Jira
  • …see live updates to this chat / conversation in Jira to get instant feedback
  • …get related conversation and comments shown in Jira automatically, if a Jira issue is shared in Microsoft Teams

This deeply integrated collaboration allows you to see all relevant information and discussions for every Jira issue.

How we built it

We built it on the Atlassian Connect platform & Atlassians React Atlaskit component suite. We connect to Microsoft 365 services using Microsoft Graph.

Challenges we ran into

As always, if you start pushing the boundaries of what an integration does, you run into API limitations real fast. We have been working directly with Microsoft to allow us to provide as much value as possible for an initial integration and continue to work with them on advanced features for the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We started to work on this app early this year and will be able to ship a satisfying first release this summer to our customers. Despite the challenges of working remotely we managed to create a new app with a great user experience!

We worked closely with our marketing team as well, not only to validate our use cases with our business user experts, but also to build a cross-channel launch later this summer for this app.

What we learned

Our customers define our roadmap. This is one of our values as a company as we strive to build apps that fit the needs / that fit our users needs. At first we weren’t sure, if our new Microsoft Teams for Jira app would fit the market. But now, we’re very certain it will.

What's next for Microsoft Teams for Jira - Pro Edition

We will ship the first Jira Cloud release to both Marketplaces (Atlassian & Microsoft) this summer. After that, we will add support for Jira Server & Datacenter and put our focus on the next big topic: Microsoft Teams File sharing and meetings.

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