My Inspiration comes from my passion to become a data analyst in the near future. I've found this project has aligned with my interest because it has challenged my thinking and problem-solving skills. As learned that this project is emphasizing accuracy instead of the data visualization aspect, it would leverage my knowledge and insights about how important to enhance the prediction quality for a precise decision-making process.

What it does

I have selected the first and second problem statements provided by HCI Technologies. These projects require me to find out the desired AI model to overcome the accuracy issue of the datasets.

How we built it

Given the priority of the both projects emphasize on accuracy results rather than data visualization of classification results. I have tested both problem statements' dataset and prediction accuracy results with multiple classifier model. In both cases, before building the model, the dataset is pre-processed beforehand in order to achieve more accurate results.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part is to actualize what you have learned into actual works. I'm grateful that I can overcome it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

My personal achievement in this project is that I'm able to solve the project's problems by looking at the problems from different angles. With the sharing session provided by the instructor Ms Mojgan, I'm able to find out the different accuracy prediction results based on different types of methods used. For instance, in my first project solution, i have found out that not every classifier was perfect for all types of datasets. It is crucial for each steps of pre-processing and model-setting (parameter setting for building th training model) in order to obtain the best results. In my second project solution, I found that both ANN and logistic regression models are among the best-performing model for predicting the accuracy of credit card defaults probability.

What we learned

I've learned the basic coding skills, and have a chance to put my learning into action in this Hackathon platform. I've appreciated this coding experience and thanks to the Microsoft teams and partner teams for giving out such a wonderful opportunity to all women who want to upskill themselves.

What's next for Microsoft Presents Code; Without Barriers Hackathon

In my future plan, I hope I can explore more topics and broaden my understanding of other contexts such as computer vision, and proceed with my learning on other machine learning prediction methods such as RNN ann CNN. Hopefully, I am able to excel myself and take on more challenging projects in the future. At the same time, I'm looking forward to having an internship opportunity as my stepping stone to embark on my career journey as a data analyst.

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