We wanted to truly embrace the concept of "creating connections", by creating a platform to see all of the connections between Mizzou students and Univerity of Missouri Email accounts based on sent or received emails.

What it does

Microsoft Web Visualized uses Microsoft Graph API Email JSON Data and visualizes it as a web using Arbor JS graphing. This shows who has sent or received email and from whom.

How we built it and Challenges we ran into

We started out with a C# Visual Studio 2015 project, but Visual Studio could not connect to the Microsoft Graph Servers, so we moved to Azure Functions. We used Azure Functions to collect data from anyone who would sign in to their Microsoft Account and give permissions to the application. However, Microsoft's log-in page would not return the authentication token, so Azure Functions was abandoned. We then used Microsoft Graph Explorer to get the JSON data in a one-time increment to feed into our application. We had significant difficulties loading in local JSON data and were forced to use a Node.JS server locally to access the data. Finally, we parsed the data and, using Arbor JS, formatted it into a web graph.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We overcame significant adversity by significantly changing the scope of our project in order to create a finished product.

What we learned

We learned and used Javascript, JQuery, Arbor JS, Node JS, html, C#, Azure Functions, Microsoft Graph API, while only having the barest inclination of how to use any of these.

What's next for Microsoft Graph Visualized

We will set up proper Microsoft Authentication to allow for the graph to continually grow as more users sign in. The current state only has a fixed amount of data available to it.

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