Creating new users in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure AD is a repetitive task every company has to go through, one day we discussed it and said let's automate it!

What it does

This simple Snippet Creates a new user and assigns location and licenses in one step using Microsoft Graph API.

How I built it

All the project was developed using UiPath Studio making HTTP requests to the Microsoft Graph API.

Challenges I ran into

Understanding how the API works, getting a token and authenticate was the most challenging part as Microsoft takes security really serious. You need to follow very specific steps to be able to connect.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making it work at its full potential and performing all the actions we require. Just connecting to the API opens a world of possibilities.

What I learned

How the Microsoft Graph API works and how it can be successfully integrated with UiPath.

What's next for Microsoft Graph Integration with UiPath

I couldn't find any custom activities for Microsoft Graph within Uipath or Uipath Go, I'm thinking of developing a couple of basic calls and make them custom activities although the API is huge.

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