We all enjoy playing the snake game with keyboard! However, we wish to apply the technology of Micro:Bits from ARM to this game, as a controller. Then we feel that we could also include a similar hardware, Leap Motion to this game as a control mode as well.

What it does

A revamped snake game, with 3 control modes - Micro:Bits, Leap Motion and Keyboard! This project also enables online multiplayer mode, where people can join the game from different devices because the server is hosted on AWS.

How we built it

Built it with Java and Javascript. Server is held on AWS.

Challenges we ran into

We wish to enter three challenges, namely Amazon's AWS, ARM and Morgan Stanley, so there were a lot of work to do. Also, some technology issues (could not listen to port from java due to a minor incorrect implementation) could not be solved during late night when we were all really tired. Moreover, one of our Micro:bit was destroyed due to short circuit. Lastly, it was a difficulty for us to host the server side on the AWS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally our game runs well and all expected control modes work fine.

What we learned

Teamwork, Time Management, Coding in Java (Listening to Port with Java), Create Functions for Micro:Bits

What's next for MicroSnake

Future improvements include higher accuracy of motion sensors and enhancing user experience of the game, e.g adding a ranking or record system.

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