Want to play a quick game of smash? Don't have time? Can't carry your console? Why not play a quick game of MicroSmash! All you need is a pair of micro:bits and the fun can begin!

What it does

A simple version of super smash bros, with plug and play micro:bit integration.

How I built it

The micro:bits have a python script loaded onto them, which sends input data over WebUSB. We used pixi.js library for the graphic elements of our game and Node.js webserver for serving it.

Challenges I ran into

Using WebUSB was tricky, as it is a beta feature, and we had to experiment around.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to build a plug and play WebUSB integration of micro:bit, which is something that's not even in ARM's WebUSB integration!

What I learned

We learned a lot about how hardware systems communicate, and also picked up interesting graphics concepts.

What's next for MicroSmash

Our goal was to load all the data required on the microbit, which when plugged in would automatically start the game in the browser. Although we didn't manage to do this due to time constraints, we coded with size in mind, and our game theoretically fits on the micro:bits storage

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