We wanted to help in smoothing the accomodation process during the Hajj Time for the Hajj people. It will be a distributed application dealing with the complexity of the hajj processes.

What it does

It will help in travel and accomodation arrangements for the 2 million people.

How I built it

It will be build based on the Microservice Web APIs and Bus Service or RabbiMQ, DDD, Dockers, Containers,Identity. Very latest technology stack using the .Net core and APIs and Microservices.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with this distributed application and managing the correct state of the application during the whole process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing this app using the very latest technology stack and it will definitely serves the purpose.

What I learned

Main thing which I learned how to streamline the Hajj process.

Built With

  • .net-apis
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