We'd like to enhance reading experiences on tiny display screens. The idea is to combine big data with innovative display technology. MicroReader is a Pebble app that effectively flash streaming texts on smartwatch screen word by word, with content tailored to the taste of individual users.

  • note: the project is created during a 24hrs hackathon, so the code demands great improvement ..


  • Pebble part

    • display title/summary (can read full featured article on phone, handoff feature)
    • single click up/down button for like/dislike (note when opened on phone, will consider you like the article)
    • single click select button to skip, and read next item
    • double click up/down button to adjust reading speed.
    • double click select button to adjust speed automatically (a simple algorithm that changes the rate according to word length and frequency)
  • content / backend part

    • 推荐系统
    • topic modeling, visualize topics.
      • 利用用户点击的+/- 作为supervision.
  • iOS part

    • 选择话题
    • 完整内容
    • up vote / down vote
    • 用户偏好的可视化
      • 后台/手机显示用户的tag


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