Rivers are the source of life. They directly affect not only our ancestors (plop plop), but us too.

What it does

This is an infographic ie. data represented through graphics. The dataset I've used is- Horton, A.A.; Svendsen, C.; Williams, R.; Spurgeon, D.; Lahive, E. (2017). Microplastics in sediments of the River Thames Basin, UK. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre. (Dataset).

How I built it

I tried many mediums, such as interactive websites, processing artwork, and simple games but in the end, settled on infographics due to time constraints.

Challenges I ran into

Visualizing the data and time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to convey information visually

What we learned

Writing poems and making graphics

What's next for Microplastics in Thames Infographic

I want to create a river cleaning game as I had initially hoped

Built With

  • canva
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