Save the environment. 8 million tonnes of plastic waste gets to the world’s Oceans each year. This plastic waste eventually breaks down to micro plastics — which never really degrade. Micro plastics are plastic materials with diameters less than 5 mm. They are a major environmental concern due to their possible impact on water pollution, wildlife, and the food chain. Our products can also help companies such as Technisoil Industrial — using plastics to build roads. It can also help micro plastic research for 3d printing.

✨What it does

We designed a web application called Slyx — to detect micro plastics in water samples using machine learning and distributed computing.

🛠How we built it

We’ve designed the front end of our application using Node Js and CSS. For the backend we used 3D coherent imaging and machine learning to achieve accurate and automatic detection of micro particles in water samples

✍️Challenges we ran into

Distinguishing micro particles from marine micro algae was a challenge due to their similarity in size and shape. To solve this, we by defined a novel set of distinctive “holographic features” to identify micro particles in any analysis. Also, time constraints limit how well we can train the model.

🏆Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’ve created a user friendly interface integrated with machine learning, that can make significant impact in solving the plastic epidemic. Even though our product targets a certain niche of researchers, anyone with access to a computer can use it just by visiting our website

🧠What we learned

We learned about distributed computing using the distributed compute protocol (DCP). Also, we learned how to integrate web applications with machine learning algorithms.

🚀What's next for SLYX

We intend to continue our work refining the model and intuitive design. The current machine learning algorithm is a classification algorithm. We are going to change it to a regression algorithm so we can count the number of micro plastics present and classify them. This will increase the effectiveness and broaden the range of potential applications for this software.

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