Having recently taken a Nutritional Science class, I felt inspired to try and tackle the issue of micronutrient deficiency in society. With the advent of COVID-19, more and more people are ordering food online, providing a good avenue to make a change.

What it does

MicroCounter is a Google Chrome extension that analyzes the products in your cart/past orders at Wegmans to see the % DV of micronutrients present.

Challenges we ran into / What we learned

Challenges were largely technical in nature. While I have previously worked with both Chrome extensions & the Wegmans API, combining the two required a new and unfamiliar approach. In particular, I learned a lot about working with asynchronous operations and using JS Promises.

What's next for MicroCounter

A pressing issue with MicroCounter is the lack of normalization and quantity customization. As it's unlikely for most people to precisely consume one serving of every single product purchased daily, the nutrient quantities reflect their values relative to one another more than they measure % DV. This would be the next feature that I would prioritize for MicroCounter.

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