We wanted to create a hardware hack using the MicroBits over the course of Hack the Burgh 2017 and thought they would make potentially awesome games controllers.

What it does

MicroSpace is a multiplayer space adventure, where each member of the team has a unique and vital role to ensure the survival of the crew. With constant waves of enemies coming in with increasing difficulty as the adventure progresses, the team needs to work together to coordinate the their defence in the 8-bit retro theme shooter.

How we built it

Hacky Python, the one true path.

Challenges we ran into

MicroBit bluetooth was too heavy duty for what we required, this led to us utilising the radio communication interface provided by the MicroBit microcontroller API. The radio library provides a way to send unreliable datagram packets over the radio and allows to transmit control messages to the machine running the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The hack contains many moving parts and we successfully managed to integrate these parts. We finished adding functionality early enough to add game art and sounds.

What we learned

Learned more about embedded devices and radio communication.

What's next for MicroSpace

Improved graphics and adding extra levels.

Git Repo

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